Bangladesh is making a Comeback in the IT sector over the decade

Bangladesh, over the past few years, has been transforming little by little into the IT hub that is known today. There have been massive changes in the IT sector, both directly and indirectly, affecting not only our daily lives but also the economy of the country as a whole.

The financial sector has undergone many changes in the past few years. It is crystal clear as to why there has been so much commotion around the new cashless society, but Bangladesh has yet to transform into the cashless society it has promised. Bangladesh’s financial sector is advancing rapidly in digitization, revealing a robust digital infrastructure. This development enables millions to access financial services while enhancing service delivery efficiency.

There has been a new app that has been introduced by the creator of “Pathao” called “Wind.” This is the next “PayPal” in Bangladesh. It will act as a middle-transaction app that will allow people to send cash in and out of Bangladesh. As many people do not have access to PayPal, this can do the work of cashless foreign transactions effortlessly. Currently, it has raised around 3.8 million dollars in investment.

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