Celebrating 53 Years of Glory: Department of Management Shines on Management Day

In the annals of the University of Dhaka’s Department of Management, the 53rd Management Day held on 19th November marked a momentous occasion, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of students, faculty, and guests alike. The day unfolded with a series of vibrant segments, showcasing the talent, creativity, and unity of the Management 27th Batch. All segments during the programme are mentioned below:

Cake Cutting Segment: Symbol of Unity

The cake-cutting ceremony, a symbolic representation of unity and togetherness, took centre stage. The distinguished guests, Prof. Dr Md. Abdul Moyeen and Prof. Dr Md. Mosharraf Hossain, along with the honourable faculty, cut the cake, marking the official commencement of the day’s festivities. Accompanied by music and a festive atmosphere, the cake-cutting segment brought a sense of joy and celebration to all attendees.

Rally Segment: A Colorful Display of Unity

After that, the whole university was surprised with an energetic and colourful rally segment. Students, faculty, and staff adorned department T-shirts, creating a vibrant procession from the faculty gate to TSC. Craftwork teams meticulously organised the rally, showcasing various designs and creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Speech Segment: A Formal Prelude

The program at TSC commenced with a formal speech segment featuring esteemed guests, including Prof. Dr A.S.M. Maksud Kamal, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, and Prof. Dr Md. Abdul Moyeen, the dean of the Faculty of Business Studies. The event was graced by the presence of respected faculty members, including Prof. Ali Akkas and Prof. Dr Md. Mosharraf Hossain. The formalities included welcoming the guests with flowers, speeches, and a beautiful recitation, setting the tone for a day filled with celebration.

Anchoring Segment: A Wish-Fulfilling Day

For Dolon Alam Jui, Management Day became a wish-fulfilling day as she realized her long-standing dream of anchoring. Overcoming initial doubts and conflicts, Jui participated in the selection process, becoming an anchor for the event. She expressed gratitude for the support received from teachers, participants, and the audience, making the entire show an enjoyable experience.

Performance Segment: A Cultural Show

Jannatul Ferdous Maria participated in a poetry recitation for the first time in a university cultural event during Management Day. The supportive environment and encouragement from classmates, seniors, and teachers helped her overcome nervousness. The event showcased the diverse talents within the Management Department, making it a day to remember.

Raffle Draw Segment: Excitement and Enjoyment

Antik Gour Borsha highlighted the excitement surrounding the Raffle Draw segment. A total of 22 gifts awaited lucky winners, and volunteers enthusiastically engaged in selling tickets to teachers, staff, and students. The segment added an enjoyable and thrilling dimension to the Management Day celebrations, showcasing the department’s vibrant spirit.

Craft Segment: Bonding Through Creativity

Enne Akhter shared her experience of the Craft Segment, emphasizing the splendid time spent with seniors and juniors. The collaborative effort in creating various crafts, including paper fans, spinners, flowers, and photo frames, fostered a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. The hard work paid off when teachers expressed gratitude for the creative contributions.

Canvas Making: Artistry Unleashed

The canvas-making segment added a creative touch to the Management Day celebration. BBA student, Ferdous Noor Prova, shared her thrilling experience of creating a canvas for the event. Despite the challenges and sleepless nights, the collaborative effort of friends, seniors, and teachers turned the canvas-making process into a source of joy. The final placement of the painting on the stage brought a sense of accomplishment and happiness to the artist.

the 53rd Management Day at the University of Dhaka’s Department of Management was a resounding success, blending formalities, creativity, and unity. The event not only celebrated 53 years of glory but also strengthened bonds among students, faculty, and guests, leaving an everlasting impact on the department’s legacy.

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