Behind The Scenes of Our New Beginning

Every step of our lives is a story. We all make our stories in our own way. The batch of 27 from the Management Department of the University of Dhaka started their own online news portal for holding their stories. They begin this journey to capture memories and provide information about the current business world.

The batch started academics on 9th January of 2022. Currently, they are in their fifth semester. The name of their news portal- “Shondipto `27” holds a significance of its own. ‘Shondipto’ is a Bangla word that means radiant. All the people of the 27th batch of the Management Department are full of enthusiasm for any initiative. They believe that all of them have the potential to be ignited in their own way in the future.

This batch has people with versatile talents. They contributed to it in many ways previously. With academic excellence, they are investing their talents in different co-curricular activities. They are also contributing their skill sets outside of the classroom. This enthusiasm, encouragement, and optimism are reflected in the name of the portal.

The portal was developed with the contribution of this amazingly talented group of students from the 27th batch. The development process was distributed among the students in multiple groups: researchers, editors, proofreaders, content writers, website developers, and graphic designers.

Nafisa Tabassum, a member of the proofreader team, shared her experience: “With a keen eye for detail and a passion for accuracy, I served as a proofreader at “Shondipto 27,” meticulously scrutinising every word and phrase to ensure the highest standards of written communication. Alongside my fellow team members, we embarked on a collaborative endeavour to craft a comprehensive report on the Central Library of Dhaka University. As the group leader, I found immense gratification in witnessing the collective enthusiasm and dedication of each member, each contributing their unique expertise to the project. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our respected faculty for entrusting us with this remarkable opportunity.”

One of the members of the editors’ team, Enne Akter, added, “It was an awesome experience to work as a group leader. Team members were cooperative, making it possible to complete such wonderful teamwork. Last but not least, co-leader Mashrur Rahman Mashrafi has made an outstanding contribution. He summed up the whole teamwork with a splendid finish.”

The students have plans for continuing this portal as their memory book. They want to keep running it to showcase their memories, and achievement stories even after completing their graduation. Tasfia Tabassum Toishee from the graphic wing expressed “Our university life holds a significant influence in our next segments of life. As a root of our future success, we aim at documenting our influences of what we will become in the future.”  

The leader of the Website developers group, Farhan Sadik expressed his utter gratitude towards the honorable faculty Ms. Tanuza Nath for providing the opportunity to express their creativity. He said, “I have chosen this wing as I have previous experience with web development. Enjoyed much working with everyone and thanks to our honorable faculty for giving us the floor for expressing our talents.”

Introduction to Shondipto27

The whole team of Shondipto ‘27 believes that all of them will shine soon in their own way. This belief and confidence about themselves make them ‘Shondipto’ which actually represents their spirit. Hope, all their dreams and aspirations will come true and they will shine brighter than now!

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