Airbnb acquires AI startup for just under $200 million

Airbnb, in its inaugural purchase since becoming a publicly traded firm, has procured the artificial intelligence startup Gameplanner. AI in a transaction worth approximately $200 million. The startup has been functioning covertly since its establishment two years ago. Airbnb, the prominent home-sharing company, has taken a decisive step to enhance its standing in the tourism sector by acquiring a business specialising in artificial intelligence named Gameplanner. According to informed sources, artificial intelligence (AI) was acquired for a deal worth little less than $200 million.   Gameplanner. AI, established in 2020 by Adam Cheyer, a co-creator of Siri, has been functioning covertly, concealing its actions and products from the public.

Adam Cheyer is one of the co-founders of Gameplanner. AI has significant expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, having played a crucial role in the establishment of Siri, the voice assistant that Apple acquired in 2010, and Viv Labs, the AI platform that Samsung acquired in 2016. Cheyer expressed his interest in Airbnb due to its mutual dedication to utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate human interaction. Since 2019, Airbnb has made its first purchase by purchasing HotelTonight, a last-minute hotel booking application, and Urbandoor, a platform designed for prolonged stays.   In December 2020, the firm conducted its first public offering, generating $3.5 billion in capital.   The corporation is financially viable based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and possessed $11 billion in cash and easily convertible assets as of the conclusion of September. The acquisition of Gameplanner by Airbnb. AI is integral to its plan for augmenting its core offering and providing more than mere lodging.   The organization intends to utilize Gameplanner. AI utilizes its technology to craft distinctive and unforgettable experiences for its patrons. Additionally, it harnesses artificial intelligence to tailor the trip journey and offer suggestions that align with the individual interests and requirements of each client.


It is anticipated that the acquisition will enhance Airbnb’s AI initiatives, which strive to develop customized and engaging experiences for travellers, including games, tours, and activities.   Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, has expressed that the use of generative AI, a technology capable of producing new content and designs using data, will bring about a profound transformation to the platform. Chesky envisions utilising this technology as a “travel concierge” that progressively learns about users and improves their trip experiences. The acquisition also signifies Airbnb’s aspiration to rival other prominent technology conglomerates, such as Google, X, and Meta, who are similarly making substantial investments in artificial intelligence and data aggregation.   Airbnb aims to distinguish itself by providing a wider range of genuine and varied travel choices, together with enhanced privacy and autonomy for its users and hosts.

The acquisition has sparked much interest and enthusiasm throughout the travel and IT worlds, as there is a strong curiosity about how Airbnb would incorporate Gameplanner. The incorporation of AI technology into its platform and the potential for novel user experiences it will generate.   There is speculation that Airbnb may utilise Gameplanner. AI utilises its technology to generate its own virtual reality or augmented reality goods, similar to Meta’s Horizon Worlds. The acquisition of Gameplanner by Airbnb The implementation of AI demonstrates the company’s visionary and innovative approach, as well as its ability to withstand and adapt to the pandemic and other obstacles.   The company has demonstrated its ability to not just endure but also flourish in the evolving travel industry, and it is prepared to embrace the next phase of travel using artificial intelligence.

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