“Coloring Dreams: ‘Flourishing with Noor’ – A Page That Brings Art to Life”

“If we dreamed from the core of the heart, that will be fulfilled one day. “

Painting has attracted me since my childhood, and I dreamed of being a famous artist one day. But because of the irony of my fate, I have to leave painting. Time flies and dreams fade, but who cares! I was busy with other activities in life. This painting became a hobby out of passion. But “ I did not let it die”, haha! “ No, the previous sentence is totally wrong. Actually,” this passion makes me alive. “ Now the question is “ how ?” & the answer is, this is the only way which remove all of my depression, when I blend colour, I feel like, it removes all of my stress with colour.

 Well, there is a theory my father said, “ Natural law of attraction “ that means nature gives you those things, what you want actually. I know, I have done nothing special, but I have expressed my dream to all. “Isn’t it a big deal? “ I have created a page “Flourishing with Noor” which is a basically painting and craft page.  Through this page,I share my paintings which carry my thoughts, ideas, and innovativeness & from this start, I started to dream again to establish my page as a business.

No matter, “when?” I will fulfil my dream one day INSH-ALLAH.

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