“Management 27th Shines in News Reporting: Rahi and Ohi’s Insightful Articles on Economic Crisis”

Engaging in article writing can prove to be challenging. Articles are used to increase awareness and provide information about the things happening around us. Two individuals from Management-27th, namely Md. Mohiuddin Rahi and Md. Nahid Hossain Ohi is a person who used their time to write two fine articles regarding recent issues.

The economic crisis is now common in many countries. Recent examples of economic instability are the drop in economic growth in Sri Lanka and the price hike in Bangladesh regarding eggs and meat. Some notable articles can be seen throughout the BD news portal, which have been written regarding the following matters:

The downfall of the Sri Lankan economy was presented, and the cause behind it was written fruitfully in an article by Md. Mohiuddin Rahi. He clearly stated the main causes behind the economic downfall of Sri Lanka.

One of those reasons is the ban on the use of fertilisers and pesticides in the agricultural sector. This caused a huge uproar in the then-already unstable economy, which went down even further into the depths.

The recent egg prices have caused a huge uproar among the Bengalis, as eggs are considered the most eaten and perfect source of protein for all classes of people. Md. Nahid Hossain Ohi carefully presented the recent “egg-explosive price hike,” as he called it, in his write-up, which was later published in the “Financial Express.”

The articles written by these boys are some of the first mementoes of Management 27th in the news reporting world, and they hope to achieve much more in the future. Many of the members of Management 27th are happy and passionate about researching this kind of information. They learn many things and bring some important stuff to our awareness.

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