Daddy says- Business School, Passion says- Art School. Brain popped up – What about Art Business?

It’s not an uncommon scenario in Bangladesh where parents and kids are fighting over what degree they should choose for their undergrad. Parents want something mainstream and safe. On the other hand, young, enthusiastic kids want to try something different, something risky. In my case, it was not different.

There is a very popular taboo about art: ‘In this country, artists have no career.’ Yes, at some point, it’s true that we are still not that capable of appreciating art in a developing country like ours. Here, ‘Artist-der to bhaat nai’ is more appreciated than appreciating the actual art. But the scenario is changing gradually. Creators are innovating new ideas to make their craftworks a source of income.

As an art enthusiast, I also faced so many difficulties. People around us are still not prepared to accept art as a full-time job. My interest in art grew when I was in high school. Crafting was my first hobby related to art. Even choosing an art degree for higher study is neglected most of the time in societies like ours.

So, between the dilemma of respecting my parents’ suggestion of choosing a mainstream degree and my passion for art, I thought, Why not blend the idea of making art and doing business?

After entering into University, students usually start earning by tuition. But as a creative soul, my mind is always in search of something different than usual. Also, my target is to build my career in any creative field. That’s why I decided to use my business degree skills to achieve my dream career in art from the very beginning of University life. So that one fine evening, I opened a Facebook page for my art business and named it- Kyaramoti. In the beginning, I started with portrait sketches. After some months of creating portraits, I observed a growing demand for hand-painted staff. People choose these creative pieces for their special ones on many occasions for gifting because of their customizability. It’s always a great idea to choose something which can be made according to their personal choice. As I have the interest and skills for hand-painting stuff like- T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, embroidered souvenirs, etc, I added those products too.

art business

How is a business degree helping me in art?

Of course, it is. I am applying my financial management skills, marketing strategies, and other lessons here. Networking with many people helped me a lot to reach my business to different people, which brings me new customers as a part of business communication. Moreover, this business is helping me to understand the functions of business practically, which I couldn’t acquire properly only from bookish knowledge.

art business

Not just direct art pieces; there are some indirect sources of income from art that are also growing nowadays. Artists are blending different forms of art, which helps to grow the trend of collaboration and sharing audiences. To illustrate, we can look at some music videos from recent releases. The illustration videos of Kobitar Gaan, Behula, and Kodom are some of those pieces where one art form—music—is blended with another art form—painting. Some software skills, like illustration and animation, are also developed in youths through these creative activities. Strip cartoon art and comic book cultures are also growing, which is related to writing-related jobs. These skills are opening the window of opportunity for freelance work like graphic design, animation, and content creation.  There is also a growing demand for these skills in creative corporations like Aarong, Deshal, Marketing Agency, etc. Even as the sole owner of an art business, I found it possible to build a business career with art.

So, is it still relevant that art has no career?

Not at all. Opportunities are growing very rapidly. You just have to gain the courage to walk into a different path and chase your passion.

Even if there is no existing opportunity, create your own customized one! You know the quote by Iva Ursano-

You are the artist of your life. Don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else.”

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